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Dr. Kambiz Dowlat is a Professor of Surgery at Rush University Medical Center, specializing in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment for the past 25 years. In addition to offering his patients excellent medical care and cutting edge treatment options, Dr. Dowlat has pioneered several innovations in breast care, some of which have now become standard procedures in the United States.

Dr. Dowlat received his medical training at the University of London and surgical training in Oxford and Bristol United Kingdom.  While serving on the faculty of the University of Chicago (1981-87), he began to specialize in the field of breast cancer.

The following are among his contributions to the field:

    • Dr. Dowlat brought the first stereotactic equipment to the United States from Sweden to perform the first image-guided core biopsies as an alternative to open biopsy for mammographic ally detected abnormalities in 1985.  He has since taught this method to many surgeons, directing several courses with the invitation of the American College of Surgeons.

    • Dr. Dowlat pioneered laser treatment for small breast tumors (malignant and benign) using a thin needle, image-guided to the target under local anesthesia.  In May 2007, the device and its application received FDA approval for treatment of non-cancerous breast lumps.  In 2011, the FDA also approved clinical trial of patients with breast cancer to be treated with laser.  

    • In 1994, Dr. Dowlat participated in the first National Cancer Institute trials for detection of the sentinel lymph node using a radio-isotope technique.  Sentinel lymph node biopsy instead of full axillary node dissection has become the standard of care in the U.S. and other countries.

    • In 2002, Dr. Dowlat introduced partial, instead of whole breast, irradiation to his patients at Rush University Medical Center.  Balloon brachy therapy, as it has come to be known, treats the breast tissue around the site of cancer where the risk of recurrence is high. 

    • Currently, Dr. Dowlat is testing heat therapy of lumpectomy site as an alternative to radiation.